Design Assignment #1: Fuzzy Fetus

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I had a ton of fun with this assignment. One of my favorite things to do is create and trade mixtapes with my friends and people online. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the process in my opinion is creating the art for the imaginary album. This assignment obviously came very naturally to me.

I chose to do a playlist themed around proto-punk bands, or in other words, bands who were punk before punk was really a thing. I decided to call the compilation Fuzzy Fetus, because it’s a decent analogy for what the music is, the seeds and developing styles of a genre that had yet to be born. The track list is a pretty good representation of what I play on my radio show at UMW (though I tend to mix it up a bit more on there).


It’s 1973, 4 whole years before the Ramones and the Sex Pistols of the world would explode into an anxious post-Nixon world and deliver a watershed genre that would redefine popular music for years to come. Groups of frustrated teens gather in their garages and bust out some noisy riffs on instruments they barely even know how to play. Trying desperately to imitate the dangerous attitudes of icons like Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop. What they don’t know is that they are laying the foundations to a revolutionary form of rock, just as bands similar to them have been doing so in obscurity since the early 60’s.

Now, for the first time, these forgotten trailblazers are featured on the immaculately constructed compilation; Fuzzy Fetus: Before the Birth of Punk. Listen to 12 tracks of teen angst and musical destruction as you journey into the embryonic phase of punk rock.


I designed the cover by first cropping a picture of an old garage band.

Screenshot (56)











Next I put the cropped image into Paint.net and overlayed the image with some transparent ovals and added different effects to the like Color Burn, Lighten, Additive. I thought this created a cool psychedelic effect.

Then finally I pasted a semi transparent picture of an embryo I found online into the middle of the picture.

Screenshot (57)


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  1. I was immediately drawn in by your title! I have to say, it was very good at getting attention, creative, and also actually relevant to your assignment/describing the infancy of punk (see what I did there?). The design was also really great. In particular I liked how you used color to distort the picture. Usually color is used to clarify the content of images, so it was especially interesting to see how you used it.
    How exactly did you transpose the image of the fetus onto the picture? Also, I wish you had talked more about your radio show at UMW or linked to it–it sounds really neat!

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