Weekly Summary #4

Reading Movies + Video Reflection

Film Scene Analysis

Video Assignment #1

Video Assignment #2

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4

Although there were far fewer assignments to complete this week than any of the others, this was by far the most arduous. I suppose it makes sense, video takes all the different elements of storytelling that we have been working on; visuals, audio, writing; and combines them into one. That’s also one of the reasons why I found it to be the most engaging week of this course. Being able to express oneself artistically through all the different mediums at once is very cathartic and satisfying, despite how difficult it can be to achieve sometimes. I

I noticed that often times when I started assignments this week, my ambitions would be bold and lofty. Soon after starting cold hard reality would set in and I’d realize that more advanced film making not only takes plenty of time and effort, but necessary equipment. So even though I’d love to do smooth pans, I have no dolly track or steadicam to do so.

I found writing stories behind the assignments was a bit more difficult to come up with this week. I think this may be because most of the story I was trying to tell had already been communicated through the visuals and audio of the videos, and I didn’t want to simply restate what had happened in said video. I think I managed to work around this writer’s block in most cases and create a unique written companion to the video assignment.Screenshot (164)

Screenshot (162) Screenshot (163)


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