Week 3 Summary

Audio Storytelling Technique Reflection

Radio Story Reflection

Audio Assignment #1

Audio Assignment #2

Audio Assignment #3

Daily Create #1

Daily Create #2

Daily Create #3

Daily Create #4

This week was quite a lot of fun, despite the difficulty. I ended up learning a lot about audio storytelling techniques, and about how to write and engaging story in general. Attempting to do some of these techniques required a bit more patience than I had sometimes, particularly when trying to blend different bits of audio together. Hearing Glass and Abumrad talk about their experiences and listening to the radiolab program actually piqued my interest in radio storytelling. I do a radio show at UMW and have been wanting to do some kind of spoken segment for a while now but never had the ideas or ability to do such a thing. After working on these assignments, and learning the importance of sound effects, music, narration, and relaxation behind the mic, I’m teeming with my own ideas.

I think I did pretty well with most of my assignments this week. Though I wish I had taken more time to add some ambiance or atmosphere to my character story. However, I’m still satisfied with the story and character I created. I I think I did best on my sound effect story. It was a very simple little scene, but I spent a lot of time trying to nail each effect and create a dialogue that was understandable, without any actual dialogue. I took in account distance and perspective, fading certain portions of audio in and out depending on character position,  think it came out very well for what it is.

I think a lot of my peers did well with these assignments and a lot of people seemed to have fun with them. I listened to a very humorous character story and that inspired me to do my own. I can understand why a lot of people enjoy this section of DS106 the most.


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