Visual Assignment #2: Introducing the Commie

the commie crew

I’m a pop culture addict so for my second visual assignment I thought it would be fun to mess around with one of America’s most beloved families. Introducing… The Commie Crew! Trotsky, Engels, Ho Chi Minh, Marx, Adorno, Lenin, Guevara, Mao, they’re all here! I like to think of this as an exercise in irony, taking the image of the wholesome American middle class and opposing it with pictures of the leaders of communist philosophy (especially considering the show was made during a peak of communist paranoia). http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/were-the-real-life-brady-bunch/

Here’s the story of Marxism

He thought of bringing up the proletariat

He had ideas about the wealth, he wanted to

Redistribute it.


Here’s the story of a man named Trotsky

Who had some ideas of his own

He was critical, of Stalinism

The bourgeois should be overthrown.


Til the one day where there was a revolution

And the tsar killed more than a few

So this group of philosophers formed a theory

and that’s how they became the Commie Crew.


To create this image I first cut out the heads of the philosophers in Paint from portraits I found on google. Then I put the images into paint.net and made the background transparent by selecting it with the magic wand tool and deleting it. Then I simply overlayed each of the heads over the Brady Bunch picture in paint.net and covered up any extruding body parts from the original image by color matching the blue background and filling it in.




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