Visual Assignment #1: That Looks Much Grosser Close Up

I chose this assignment because I enjoy the idea of looking at things through a different point of view. I’m always amazed at how a simple change of perspective, or in this case zoom of the lens, can totally alter the perception of an object or image. Also, this assignment sounded like a neat challenge. I spent quite a while searching around my house looking for something I could render unrecognizable. I think I achieved that, seeing as how I turned something I find delicious into something that looks quite repulsive (that’s the hint!). http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/thats-not-what-i-expected/

A metallic surface riveted with splotches of unnerving red. A mountain range forms beneath you as you land on this strange alien surface. Is it natural? Man made? The ground color bears resemblance to a piece of dirty sheet metal, yet it is surprisingly porous beneath your feet. What strange world have you been transported too? And why do you have the feeling that you will soon become part of a California club sandwich…

I had a lot of fun with this assignment! My method was pretty simple, I just chose my object and exposed it to a very harsh light. The effect it had made the whole thing look like the surface of some alien world (hence the story).




  1. That certainly does look repulsing. I have no idea what it is! but you said it was actually delicious. Is it actually some type of candy?

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