Video Assignment #2: My Mom!

The assignment was to take related clips from a TV Show or movie and cut them together. This seemed like a daunting task at first, searching through each episode of a tv show to find the exact clips needed. Luckily enough, I remembered Regular Show has plenty of characters with catch phrases, and none more frequent than Muscle Man’s signature line: “My Mom!”. I had a good time putting this together, it wasn’t that difficult to flip through the episodes and cut and paste the segments I needed together. I think it came out pretty well, hopefully it doesn’t get taken down now…

Muscle man horribly butchers “your mom” jokes every time he says them….which is pretty frequently. For some reason, perhaps unknowingly, he always just ends up insulting his own mother, and half the time they can hardly even be considered insults.


I uploaded a few episodes of Regular Show into Movie Maker and I sat through them identifying the places I needed to splice them. Then using the splice tool, I cut out the chunks I needed, mashed them together in a new file, and exported the project to Youtube.

Screenshot (161)


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