Video Assignment #1: The Story of an Artist

This assignment was a bit of a difficult one, yet it was also one of my favorites from this entire course. Making a full short film from scratch takes a lot of prep and patience that I’m not sure I necessarily have…

It was a lot of fun to stretch my creative muscles and see what neat visuals I could imagine, but actually executing such things were far more demanding than they are made out to be. I decided to go with animation because it is the area I am most familiar with when making videos (also it doesn’t require any acting on my part). It seems easier in that regard, but I ran into a few obstacles. Keeping focus and lighting consistent was especially tricky as I was doing a stop-motion animation. I tried my best eliminate continuity errors but once you knock something out of place by accident, it’s very difficult to arrange it in just the right spot so the mistake isn’t obvious in the final animation. Despite it’s flaws I think I managed to pull together some neat visuals, and capture the essence of the song while doing so. I wish I made it a bit longer, but my camera storage was limited and it was turning evening so the lighting changed.


The Story of an Artist has always been a song that has touched me personally. Growing up in Northern Virginia, the constant pressure one faces from your peers and families to succeed can drive some to insanity. The ideas of practical degrees and top scoring grades are so ingrained into the minds of the people that it is near inescapable. Being bellow than average in your field is unacceptable, trying to be an artist is faced with even more scrutiny.

Daniel Johnston encapsulates the frustration, the broken spirit of someone who is constantly tormented for doing what they love, just because it is impractical. Music and art are essential and beloved, but to those around you, it’s impractical, ill-advised, to pursue such lofty ambitions. The anger at not being understood, the fear that those that warn you might be right in the end. It’s always swirling around in the head of those that create.


To complete this assignment I set up a tripod and used my phone to take snap shots of the objects I wanted to animate; moving them slightly between each photo.











After that I uploaded said photos into my computer and arranged them chronologically in Windows Movie Maker.

I played around with which scene should go first and spliced them together. Then I altered the picture duration to get the effect of different animation speeds throughout the video.

Then last but not least, I added some title cards and the music.

Screenshot (160)


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