POV Picture Tutorial

I sort of took the idea for this part of my story from the Different Point of View assignment. I thought that a dramatic way to end the story would be to literally looks through the eyes of the character in his final moments before he passes out.

To do this I had to find a POV shot from the floor of an old house on Google (much harder than anticipated), and a picture of a cane.

I opened the picture of the cane in Paint.net and using the magic wand tool, I selected the background and deleted it, thereby making it transparent.

Screenshot (176)

Next I opened up the floor image in the same program and added the cane to it. I used the paint tool to create the blood dripping off the cane and pooling on the floor. I used the line and paint bucket tools to simulate Marvin’s eyelids closing. Then I blurred the entire image using the Guassian Blur tool.

Screenshot (175)


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