Photo Safari


Created with flickr slideshow.


I took all of these photos in the utility area of my basement. I thought’d be a good location for this assignment considering there is a variety of objects down there to take advantage of.

I decided to focus more on the tips we read and prepare each shot more than I would normally. I tried to pay attention to lighting and perspective, I think I got something decent going with the pipe and cable shots. I also found a mirror and had some fun playing around with that and a light bulb to create some neat abstract photos.

I found myself drawn to creating something unique in each of my pictures, I wanted each to be different than the last. Which is something I notice I do a lot in my other work, I can never stick to one style or subject. As much as I loved playing with light and blur to create surreal splashes of color, I am also attracted to symmetry and harsh angles. I think the two sides of my personality revealed themselves in this project, one calculating, rigid and exact, the other free-wheeling and avant-garde.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to because I spent a little longer on the set up (15 minutes sure does fly by), but I’d like to think that resulted in some more interesting photos.



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