Introductory Credits Video Tutorial

This part of my final project was inspired by the Opening Credits Redux assignment.

Because my story launches into the plot right from the beginning essentially, I decided it would be a good idea to include some opening credits with pictures and music from the approximate era that it takes place. I thought it would be an interesting way to expose the reader to setting and overall tone of the story.

To create this short video first I downloaded several images of Arkansas in the 1930’s off Google images, that I thought best represented the feel of my story.

I imported these images into Windows Movie Maker in a sequence that I thought made the most sense. I chose the crossfade animation to transition between each picture.

Screenshot (168)

Next I added captions to the segments of video to act as the credits. I gave them their own fade in animation and altered the start time and duration so they faded in and out slightly before and after the actual image.

Screenshot (167)

Then finally I added the music. To make the video flow well with the song, I changed the duration of each section to fit with the chord changes of the song.

Screenshot (169)


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