Hi Everybody!

Hey! I’m Kevin Coleman, I’m currently a sophomore at UMW and very excited to get into this course! It seems like a good outlet for creativity so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Here’s just a bit about me so you can get to know who I am.

I’m absolutely obsessed with music. Whether it be creating or listening, I’m always looking for fresh ideas and experimenting with new sounds and styles. I play piano, trombone, guitar and synthesizer and find music to not only be great for the release of creativity build up, but also for relieving stress.

Above is one of my most recent compositions.

prof pic

Moving along with the theme of music, I am an avid record collector. I spend almost every weekend down at my local shop flipping through bins looking for interesting new music to listen to.

The picture is me with one of my favorite records in my collection.

I have a huge appreciation for comedy as several of my friends perform stand up or participate in improv groups.

My friends and I made this video for our German class in high school and it’s pretty ridiculous, but a good measure of my style of humor.


I’m looking forward to working with everyone in this class and seeing their brilliance shine through each of the assignments. I myself am excited to exercise and challenge the creative part of my mind to a degree that I have not yet in the past, as well as learn all these fantastic new social media and web skills.


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