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This final week of DS106 was what I had been anticipating since the start of the course; the opportunity to craft all the skills we learned into one large multimedia storytelling experience. I definitely had the most fun and got to scratch all my creative itches with this one assignment. I put a lot of effort into making a story I cared about. In fact I’m planning to write more parts to it. Once I had the story just the way I liked and had my friend peer review it, then I got to creating the multimedia elements that would help elevate it to a point where it could engross the reader through all the mediums of art. I truly think this was the best work I did all throughout the course and I feel like I actually gained a lot of storytelling knowledge from this. I also feel much more confident in my ability to write and create.

In general, I honestly thought this course would be more writing focused, and I was a little disappointed when we ended up doing more technical things the first week. I’ve never been very good with video editing or web design unfortunately. I did get used to the flow of things eventually though and I have to say my enjoyment of the course increased each week.

The thing I had the most problems with was coming up with the stories behind the assignments. It was actually easier in the beginning when the assignments had more limited information to communicate. I could formulate a story behind a picture of and Avocado pretty easy because there was so much free space to work with in that situation. But during the audio week, and visual week especially, I found myself just sort of restating what was in the video or audio track because almost all of the necessary information was in there already.

This course wasn’t what I expected, but I had a lot of fun with it. In the end I think I acquired some neat skills, and I learned ways to tell a story that I would have never thought of myself.


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