Design Assignment #4: Greetings from Fredericksburg

fred postcard



For this assignment I wanted to make a postcard for the fair little city where our university is located. This wasn’t that difficult to accomplish, I found a rather quaint picture of Fredericksburg during the fall and overlayed some text in a stylized font in Paint.net.

Virginia is a beautiful place, from the rolling hills of the blue ridge to the flowing rapids of the Rappahannock. I can’t think of any town in the state to bear that beauty more proudly than the city of Fredericksburg. I’ve always admired small towns by the riverside, there’s something calming to the serenity and community found in them, it brings you back down to earth. And although it has its fair share of problems, the American South has always captivated me with its awe-inspiring nature.

Fredericksburg is one of those towns, surrounded by breathtaking landscape, yet devoid of pomp or pretense. It’s a town of good, working folk. There’s a sense of community in the air, people know each other, everything is a walk away. There aren’t massive monuments, or waterparks, or a nauseous amount of ostentatious clubs, malls, and restaurants. Folks aren’t afraid to let time slip by. They don’t get caught up in the rush of the weekend, the neverending pressure to do everything before Monday rolls around and your forced back into your desks for another 8 hours of menial tasks and rush hour traffic.

Perhaps it’s because I spent a large portion of my summers as a child in Poland, my grandma lives in a small village, I suspect my admiration for such communities stemmed from there. Perhaps my growing resentment of Northern Virginia and its high stress, ‘go-go’, success driven culture could have some impact on my lust to for a more relaxing environment. No matter the reason, I love the town of Fredericksburg, I’ve had the most fun, met the most interesting people, all in that one city.


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  1. Hi Kevin! Beautiful photo you captured for this assignment. What I really enjoyed about your post is your description of Virginia. The way you describe it seems so warm and welcoming. If I did not live here, I sure would want to after reading your post! Take care, Amanda

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