Design Assignment #2: Mystery Movie

dead man symbols


Can you guess the movie based on these 4 symbols?


This was a cute little assignment, but not as easy as I first perceived. The task was to somehow explain a movie using only 4 symbols. I knew what movie I wanted to do, but finding a way to boil down a whole 90 minute feature into just 4 images was a lot harder than I suspected. I decided to do it by the themes of the movie rather than actual visuals that are depicted in the film. A few of the symbols have two meanings surrounding them so watch out ;^)

Explaining the story of the film would obviously give away the answer, so instead I’ll give away a few hints about the symbol’s meanings to those of you who are struggling. The first image is the Native American symbol, the Man in the Maze, it represents the journey of life. The second icon represents isolation, or the concept of being a loner or an outcast. The third image symbolizes poetry, it’s a very prevalent aspect of this film. And the last is a cow skull representing death, the end of the journey.

To complete this assignment I downloaded a few icons off of google image search and arranged them in a logical manner in paint.


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