Audio Storytelling Reflection

I thought both Glass’ and Abumrad’s comments on gaps in the creative process and writers block were very useful to keep in mind when doing audio storytelling. I’ve always had a big problem with throwing in the towel when my first few attempts are bellow my standards. Hearing these radio giants talk about the length of time it took each of them to gather their bearings, and how they dealt with their own feelings of dissatisfaction, was very heartening.

I also found their points about finding an individual voice to be rather enlightening. Both experts talked about how in the beginning of everyone’s careers, people try to imitate other successful people. It was an important message to spread; don’t live in the shadow of another, you have to find your own path. Listening to Glass’ early radio stories was pretty humorous, but also drove the point home about how stilted and awkward one can sound when they are trying to be someone they aren’t. ‘Act naturally’ and ‘be yourself’ seem like obvious lessons, but I think both Glass and Abumrad pointed out how easily those ideas get overlooked.


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