Audio Assignment #2: On the Run

For this assignment, I gave myself a challenge of sorts: try not to use any sounds you can find online. I ended up failing my own challenge because after half an hour of attempting to create a realistic gunshot sound I submitted to the power of the internet. Everything else was recorded in my house though! This assignment ended up being a lot more difficult than I initially imagined. I kept forgetting the mic doesn’t pick up sound exactly like how our ears do, so I ended up with a lot of dampened sounds that weren’t as impactful as I really desired. Nevertheless I had fun trying to tell this simple little story without words.

Oh god. They’re knocking at the door. This is the end. Isn’t it? No. I can still make it, just down the stairs and out the-

Oh no, what was that? Oh god, it’s the door, they made it through. Be very. Still.

What are they doing up there? Jesus, they’re tearing the place up, better inch my way over to the window before the realize any-

Oh my god, they have guns. It’s time to get out. Run. Run. RUN.

Ouch. It’s over. Did I even have a chance? I’m losing blood oh god. This really hurts.



I recorded all the sounds aside from the gunshots in my house. I muffled my speech with a towel to imitate inaudible yelling from another room, and for the miscellaneous room trashing noises I had some buckets and empty boxes I threw around.

I recorded my footsteps on the stairs and running in place and faded certain sections of audio in audacity to imply distance between characters.


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