Audio Assignment #1: An Interview with Alfred Peebles

This was a pretty interesting assignment: create a character and have a short interview with them about their day to day lives. I’ve always been a fan of character work, so I enjoyed completing this quite a bit. I decided to take it in a more comedic direction. The character I came up with, Alfred Peebles, was based off this very awkward sounding vlogger from the early days of youtube. He was a cheery little British chap with an affinity for Pepsi that I found pretty amusing, so I kind of just riffed off that for a few minutes and this is what turned up. It’s a little strange I’ll admit but that’s what happens when you improvise.

Alfred Peebles, 22 years old, lives with his mum on the west coast of England, in little Hamble-le-Rice village. His father, now deceased, was an accomplished real estate salesman, and all eyes were on Alfred to take up the family business when he turned of age. Yet little Alfred spends his days in the basement playing call of duty with mates across the pond or in the pub, downing pepsi’s with his overworked mother. Alfred says he’s content with where he is “as long as there is Pepsi in the fridge” he remarked with a chortle. We caught up with his mother leaving a neighbor’s house late this Saturday. “Alfred is a golden boy, one in a million!” a heavily inebriated Mrs. Peebles stated. “I will provide for Alfred as long as I’m able to, the poor boy is to fragile to do much after his father’s passing.” Mrs. Peebles said in Alfred’s defense. With no one to manage the company, the real estate business has suffered and dwindled. Could this be a warning sign for the future of the youth of Britain? This reporter says yes.

For this assignment I used a sm57 dynamic mic to record my voice into audacity.







Then I simply amplified the clip in audacity to the volume I desired.

Screenshot (158)



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