Animated GIF Tutorial

This inclusion in my multimedia story was thanks to the GIF assignments we had to complete during the design week of the class. I thought it would be neat to take a critical line from my story and add a bit more impact to it by making it into an animated GIF.

I downloaded a picture I thought encapsulated the scene off of Google Images. I opened the image with Paint.net  and then wrote the quote from my story on it using the paintbrush tool.

Screenshot (172)

To create the Squigglevision effect I made three different versions of the picture above with different squiggly lines overlaid on the text. When played in succession they formed a neat animation. In order to have the words appear in the GIF one at a time, I deleted one word from each version of the picture and saved it as a new image. I repeated this until there was only one word left.

Screenshot (173)

Finally, I uploaded all the images in the correct sequence of animation into gifmaker.me and adjusted the animation speed to get the GIF you see.

Screenshot (174)


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